In-House Biomed

We recognize the administrative challenges and financial burden associated with employing an in-house biomedical team. Our in-house biomed solutions offer flexibility with your staffing restrictions while ensuring your equipment is receiving proper care. Our in-house programs are available where you are, regardless of your proximity to our field service branches, we offer in-house technicians within the continental U.S.



Our in-house programs are available where you are, regardless of your proximity to our field service branches. We offer our in-house technicians anywhere within the continental U.S.

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temporary fill in

Sometimes you need a temporary, extra set of hands to fill in the gaps. Biomedical staff are not immune to sickness, vacations, or unexpected increases in medical equipment inventory. Our biomedical technicians are fully trained and qualified to step in quickly and fill personnel gaps or assist in getting your in-house department back on track.

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full time biomeds

Attracting, recruiting, and retaining biomedical personnel is a burden to both your time and budget. Does your facility have enough equipment to justify a full-time technician but not the budget or the time to find the staff? We offer the ability to schedule a full-time technician in your facility; dedicated to your clinical equipment needs while reducing the financial burden to you.

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about our technicians

We employ the highest-quality technicians that posses the knowledge, skills, and experience from specialized military training to biomedical degrees.  Our technicians maintain rigorous certification standards needed to maintain and repair any or all of the equipment within your facility; including the knowledge of all regulatory standards. Additionally, most are certified by AAMI (the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation). 

SPBS is a member of MERA (Medical Equipment Repair Association) and AAMI.