Complete Inventory Management Solution

Our CMMS, or inventory management system, takes your entire inventory and reporting process digital. Our system has the power to provide you with accurate and real-time updates while increasing efficiency.


user friendly interface

Our system strives to be one of the easiest ways for our customers to get the information they need when they need it. The portal can be accessed from a phone, tablet, or computer. The dashboard includes customization tabs so you only see what is most important for you.

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work order requests and status

Our system allows our customers to request service for their equipment through an online portal. Our unique ticketing system allows our customers to request specific service and even upload documents, photos, notes, etc. to provide your technician with everything they need to start your service quickly.

Once we have received your request, you will be notified and able to access technician assignments, status updates, and complete reporting in real-time. Our technicians track over 100 fields instantaneously; providing you with detailed records every step of the way.

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inventory management

Our system keeps track of all the clinical equipment inventory under our care. In real-time you can view a complete inventory, repair and service status, repair and service history, and current location. 

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reporting features

Our robust reporting features keep you one step ahead of regulatory obligations so you don’t have to worry if you’re up to requirements or not. Our standard package includes the most common reporting filters and we offer the option to customize reporting metrics for your facility's needs.

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