michael burns board of directors


Michael Burns serves on the SPBS Board of Directors. Mr. Burns also is the Chairman & CEO of Autoventions, Inc. .  An automotive research and development company located in Sacramento, Ca.  The company designs, develops, manufactures and sells emission reduction products, fuel economy products, safety and anit-theft products in the commercial transportation market.

He is also Chairman of Blue Fin Holding Co.  Blue Fin purchases land, buildings, equipment and other assets and leases the assets to companies that lack the capital for such purchases.

Michael spent 10 years at ATT and Nortel Networks in various sales, marketing and management positions. In his last position at Nortel, he is a Director of International Accounts, reporting to the Vice President.  He starts Burns Novelty and Toy Co. in 1998.  He applies the corporate structure to his own venture and the company grew in revenues experientially until he sells the company in 2000.   

Since then he has been involved with numerous new product launches, consulting for new companies and has acted as CEO and CFO of various companies.  He has overseen manufacturing in several countries and has done business in Brazil, England, Australia, India, Dubai and Europe.  

He joined SPBS Board of Directors in September 2016.  He sees SPBS as  market leader poised for tremendous growth in the future.  

He has a bachelor’s Degree from California State University, Sacramento where he was involved in Intercollegiate football, student government and on campus leadership positions.  He has an MBA from the University of Phoenix and is a published author.

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