4 Resolutions for Biomedical Technicians to Make in 2018

Ahhhh, January, the month of commitment. It is a refreshing and reenergizing time for so many… A new year, a new beginning, or just a recommitment to the good things held onto from last year.

January 1st sparks the date of resolutions, a commitment to change.

Here at SPBS, our employee-owners are reflecting on the previous year and working through their own resolutions for 2018, whether personal or professional. As our resolutions are firming up, we’ve decided to share some of the TOP 4 Resolutions for Biomedical Technicians to make in 2018.

#1. Improved Communication

Communication in the business world is essential, ever changing, and yet, still CHALLENGING. This year make the commitment to yourself, your colleagues, your boss, and your clients to improve communication across all channels. Improved communication internally improves your work environment, it helps when everyone is on the same page. And let’s be honest, have you ever met a customer who was unhappy due to OVER-communication from a vendor?

Helpful tip: Communicate important information and status updates in person or by phone and follow up that conversation with an e-mail. This way you can maintain a personal relationship with your clients, and guarantee you have written documentation of your conversation (summarized, of course!)

#2. Professional Development

The healthcare technology is constantly striving to improve patient care and efficiency. This comes with new equipment, new software, and new instruction. For biomedical technicians, staying on top of the new equipment and its accompanying service needs is required for the field. This year, commit to yourself to find ways to further your education, training, or knowledge and experience in your field. The more you know, the further you will go.

Helpful tip: Find out if your company offers either a tuition reimbursement policy or will cover a portion (or all!) of a specialized training class or seminar. Most employers allocate a portion of their annual budget for professional development for their staff (that’s you!)

#3. Expand Your Network

An expansive BMET network is the equivalent to a Rolodex of never-ending knowledge. This year, commit to expanding your network of fellow BMETs from your city, your state, even around the world. A multitude of benefits greets those with large professional networks. Expanding your network can help you learn new tricks for efficiency, offer job growth and opportunity, and even act as a quick reference guide for challenges. In such a unique industry, sharing experiences with those who just “get it” can lead to personal satisfaction as well.

Helpful tip: Use professional networking opportunities to grow your network: LinkedIn and industry Trade Shows, like AAMI, are great opportunities to meet new people and expand that network!

#4. Be an Advocate

A recent article in TechNation’s Magazine outlined the impact of the retirement exodus in the HTM industry and the “behind-the-scenes” nature of the field. The placement of such a role lessens the visibility to the younger generations. This year commit to becoming an advocate for the HTM industry and biomedical technicians. Share your role (and the impact to patient care) with others – whether online or in person – to garner interest from the most desired talent pool…. Millennials.

Helpful tip: Utilize community outreach programs, social media platforms, and job boards to share knowledge and encourage the younger generations to learn more about this career path.

Now that you’ve read through our top resolutions for the biomedical technician, we’d love to hear from you in the comments. What resolutions are you making this year for yourself and your career?