SPBS's Commitment to #HiringVeterans

Most companies today understand the benefits of recruiting, hiring, and retaining veterans as part of their human capital. These individuals are the beneficiaries of more than $130 billion of investment in training, education, and skill building from the US government.

So, what makes this so special when it comes to the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) field and how does SPBS fit into this equation?

Well, first thing is the specialized training courses that three of the military branches (Army, Navy and Air Force) offer through the Medical Education & Training Campus (METC) at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. A program which produces more trained biomedical technicians (BMETs) than any other facility worldwide! This program ranges from a 41- to 54-week course that develops these students into fully trained BMETs ready to tackle one of the technical aspects of the healthcare industry.

Secondly, the military is a strong-knit community, primarily looking out for one another through word-of-mouth. They look for career opportunities that support the transition into a civilian life, purposely for one that fits with their particular skill set and help each other in finding an organization that will do just that.

With a diminishing candidate pool of qualified biomedical technicians, caused from the Baby Boomer generation retirement, it is essential to invest and develop those who show an interest in the field and look to the candidate pool coming out of the military.

SPBS appreciates the commitment and passions that veterans bring to the company. Their experiences and skill sets prepare them for problem-solving under pressure, loyalty to the organization and their colleagues, a willingness to learn, adaptability to changing environments, and a desire for mentorship.

SPBS’s founder served in the U.S. Air Force and founded SPBS with a culmination of his experience and training from his time in the service. Since 2012, we’ve employed upwards of 56 veterans who have previous military training as a BMET, not including the number of military spouses in administrative roles.

As an employee-owned company, SPBS looks to recruit, hire, and retain individuals with a desire to forge a career path and to bring value to the organization.

Our commitment to hiring qualified veterans and their spouses has helped shape SPBS into the company it is today, and we will continue holding to this commitment as our company grows.

Do you know a veteran with BMET experience and who would like to work for an employee-owned company? Share this blog with them, we would love the opportunity to meet them.