4 Ways ISOs Take Your Organization from Good to Great

Top healthcare technology management departments are saving their organizations millions of dollars each year while increasing their role in the transformation of healthcare. Check out these 4 ways that ISOs help your organization out of a rut and back on the road to greatness. 

1. Solidify a Foundation

You won't get far on the road to excellence without a solid foundation. For Healthcare Technology Management, this means a few different things such as: 

  • Adopting a data standard across your enterprise (standard terminology)
  • Cleaning your equipment data (accurate inventory)
  • Implementing effective controls to ensure that your data stays clean (resources dedicated to administrative oversight)

ISOs help abolish individual data segments and ineffective data controls that prevent effective workflow automation, benchmarking and enterprise visibility. 

2. Identify Cost Saving Opportunities

Believe it or not, there is a lot of money lying around your organization, and HTM often has the best idea where to look. ISOs can identify areas of opportunity through helping with:

  • Eliminating third party service contracts
  • Alternative Equipment Maintenance scheduling, moving to a needs-based AEM to reduce the cost of service, parts and contracts
  • Reducing how many different vendors and invoices your organization manages

3. Make it Easy!

ISOs help organizations down the clearest path to improving patient outcomes by establishing, communicating, and consistently exceeding service level agreements with clinicians. When you inspire confidence in your customers, they will inspire confidence in their patients. 

  • One of the most impactful reasons a clinician turns to a preferred vendor is convenience
  • A quick, easy, and convenient choice that's more expensive will trump a more cost effective service option that's complicated and slow 
  • ISOs can customize a solution that makes ordering and managing a clinician's service needs easy, and OEMs are challenged to work outside of their "programs" 

4. Improve Visibility and Communication

Once your ISO has helped your department with all of these goals, be sure that everyone knows! Constant communication with stakeholders, especially clinicians and the executive team, ensures that you get to share successes. Effective communication allows for even more opportunity to save money and improve your organization's standing.