A Smaller Company's BIG AAMI Experience

From time-to-time a "new" company steps up at The AAMI Expo, and accumulates some major "cool points" within the clinical equipment support industry. For example, I remember Mainspring winning some "new company cool points" in Denver a few years ago. They presented a fresh, bright, clean new look for what might otherwise be considered as a bland industry. They were creating a buzz, and I'm pretty sure the people who attended the after-party even got a little buzzed. When you talked to their people, they seemed energized and genuinely proud to be supporting the medical equipment services field. I don't know about you, but it seems easy to tell the companies that expect attention from the companies that appreciate. From first-hand experience, Mainspring's new look, new approach, and presence at The AAMI Expo had an impact on my company (SPBS, an employee-owned Clinical Equipment Field Services company). By impact, I mean we bought Mainspring's equipment management software within a year of the Denver show. 

What I didn't realize at the time...Mainspring wasn't "new". They were the "old" St. Croix, with a "new" name/brand. However, their brand refresh and presence at the AAMI Expo in Denver provided an opportunity to showcase their [established] database software with new enthusiasm for the work they do within the Healthcare Technology Management industry. 

For those who'd never heard of SPBS before AAMI, we've been in business since 1979 and we're extremely grateful The AAMI Expo came to Austin and gave our smaller company an opportunity at a BIG AAMI experience.  The exhilaration for us was thick, and the support from everyone was so much more than we anticipated.  If nothing else, I hope this blog will leave you thinking... SPBS isn't a big conglomerate (under 100 employees spread throughout the country), and right now we get to truly appreciate every time someone chooses to engage with the "old, new SPBS". 

 Wow, did you ever engage!  We joined upwards of 200 BMETs, healthcare providers, and healthcare administrators, along with our valued employee-owners, at the Speakeasy in Austin. It was a wonderful opportunity to network with our industry in an informal and enjoyable setting. We introduced a signature #biomedbombdrink , bowled on vintage lanes, shot some pool, played some foursquare, shot some darts, and enjoyed some classic Austin live music! SPBS became the buzz of the Expo for the rest of the weekend.

 AAMI is the biggest and best our industry has to offer, and Texas is OUR home state.  So, when Dave, Gen, Sal, The Navy, The VA, Paul, Cliff and Ryan, and so many others joined us to celebrate in our home state...us SPBS employee-owners (16 strong including our CEO) felt like a child getting to hang out with his/her favorite baseball team.  You guys inspire us, and we serve at the pleasure of our customers.  Thank you!